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First Visit

Please download the intake form, fill it out, and bring with you on your first visit.

Click here for your intake form


Before Your First Visit

Spend some time thinking about what you would like to achieve from your acupuncture treatment. What are your expectations? What questions or concerns do you have about acupuncture? Jot down a few notes to bring with you to your first visit. The more openly we can communicate, the better I can help you.

In addition, please bring a list of all medications you take, both prescription and over the counter.


On the Day of Your Appointment

The following suggestions are provided to help you have a safe and relaxing experience with acupuncture. In order to reduce the risk of side effects, I require my clients to adhere to certain precautions. Please read this section carefully. If you have any questions, please contact me prior to your first visit.

  • Bring your notes and a list of current medications.
  • Eat a light meal 2 hours prior to your visit.  Being hungry may increase the risk of nausea or dizziness.
  • Avoid heavy exertion immediately before and after treatment (i.e. within 2 hours).
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up to your elbows or knees.  Acupuncture points are located all over the body. Many of the acupuncture points that are commonly used are located between the wrists and elbows, and the ankles and knees. You will be more comfortable if your clothing can be easily rolled up to your elbows and knees.  
  • Be on time.

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