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Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese herbology is thousands of years old and is integrated into Chinese Medicine theory and diagnosis.  Most health conditions can be treated faster and more effectively by a combination of herbs and acupuncture.  With some conditions, such as chronic diseases or hormonal imbalances, herbs are more important than acupuncture in order to achieve good results.

The Chinese Materia Medica is extensive, including about 300 of the most commonly-used herbs.  Although Chinese herbology primarily uses plants, some mineral and animal substances are used as well.  

Common Conditions Treated with Chinese Herbs

  • Tonics for when the patient is generally exhausted or run down.
  • Skin conditions such as eczema and acne.
  • Hot Flashes and the other signs of hormonal changes at menopause, such as anxiety and sleep issues.
  • Complex conditions that don’t respond to acupuncture (or respond slowly), will often respond to herbs. Herbs are often used to support the acupuncture treatment and increase its effectiveness.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are almost never used singly, but rather in precise formulas containing 4 to 15 herbs.  Chinese herbal formulas are used not only to treat symptoms but to also heal the root cause of an imbalance.  These combinations of herbs enhance and balance each other, minimizing side effects. Herbal formulas are available as raw herbs, tablets, capsules, tinctures, or powders and can be customized to a patient’s exact needs.

For example, in Chinese Medicine there are several different patterns of imbalance that may cause migraine headache.  Therefore, the herbal formula chosen to treat someone with migraine would be specific for them based on their pattern of imbalance.  This is why two people with migraine headaches may be given two different herbal formulas depending on their Chinese diagnosis. 


Herb Safety

Sometimes patients express concern about herbal safety, including interactions with prescription drugs, and manufacturing quality control.

Compared to prescription drugs, Chinese herbs are very safe.  However, patients that are on a significant number of prescription drugs or on drugs that affect blood coagulation may not be able to take herbs.

At Sage Mountain Wellness, we use herbal products from companies that manufacture in the United States and that use modern laboratory analysis to insure quality control.


Herbs at Sage Mountain Wellness

Sage Mountain Wellness has an extensive herbal pharmacy to meet all our patient’s health needs.  We carry Seven Forest, Blue Poppy, Evergreen and Dr. Dave’s herbal products.  In addition, raw herbal formulas can be customized for patients when necessary.

Linda uses her extensive herbal training in both western and Chinese herbology to make her own line of herbal liniments and topical products that she sells in the clinic. 

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Linda has retired.

Services will no longer be provided by Sage Mountain Wellness.

We wish to thank all of you for your support over the years.

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