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Aromatherapy has not been incorporated into modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but there are references to the use of essential oils as healing agents in the ancient Chinese texts.  Essential oils are aromatic compounds produced in fruit peels, barks, leaves, grasses, flowers, and seeds and are essential for plant survival.  Essential oils are isolated from plants by distillation, and are very concentrated.

Essential oils can be inhaled to impact the lungs and mood, or diluted in oil and massaged directly into the skin and into the bloodstream for a therapeutic effect.  At Sage Mountain Wellness, we often use essential oils on specific acupuncture points to enhance a treatment.


Kinesio© Taping

Kinesio® Taping gives support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion.  It may be an effective treatment for joint dysfunction, muscle disorders, lymphedema and neurological conditions.

Kinesio® Taping is an optional procedure that may be done immediately after an acupuncture treatment.   This tape may enhance healing, especially with sports injuries, and can be worn for several days between acupuncture treatments.

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