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“I began to go to Sage Mountain Wellness a little over a year ago for treatment of depression, as I was wanting to decrease the oral anti-depressant medication that I was on. Linda is very kind and attentive. She does a thorough evaluation during each session. I feel that she truly cares about my health and seeks to relieve my symptoms that I am experiencing. I have been successfully treated for intermittent physical ailments too, such as exercise injuries and cold symptoms with amazing quick success. I recommend acupuncture to friends, family and acquaintances. And, I would definitely recommend Linda and Sage Mountain Wellness.”
~ Kim E.


 ”I have been suffering from a chronic fatigue ailment for five years now. I’ve been to more doctors than I thought were in Colorado, and none of them can do as much to relieve my suffering as Linda at Sage Mountain Wellness.  Linda treated my gastrointestinal problem when no one else could and her herbs are still the only thing that relieves my periodic bouts of dizziness. I owe my job to acupuncture and I recommend it for anyone who can’t get relief from western medicine.”
~ Eric R.

 “I first went to see Linda almost 2 years ago, seeking relief of the constant, disabling arthritis pain in my back. Since that time, the continued treatments have kept the pain away without the need for the “3 times a day OTC pain relief”  my PC recommended. The treatments have given me back the ability to enjoy day–to-day activities as well as chase after my year old grandchild.  She has successfully treated any miscellaneous various ailments I may have at the time of my visit. Congestion, bursitis, stress, sore muscles and even a bad dog bite bruise!  Linda takes the time to explain the treatments. What she is doing and why.  I do not hesitate to recommend Acupuncture treatment to all of my family and friends seeking relief for chronic pain and always recommend they make an appointment with Linda first!”
~ Diane S

“Linda has helped my husband greatly with his severe back problems (spinal stenosis).  She has also helped me with hip and back problems as well as breathing problems.  She is professional and very kind.”
~ S.A.

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Linda has retired.

Services will no longer be provided by Sage Mountain Wellness.

We wish to thank all of you for your support over the years.

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